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No one wants to hire a divorce lawyer, but the fact is
that millions of men and women go through divorce
and custody proceedings every year. Studies have
shown that divorce is one of the most stressful and
emotionally painful experiences that people endure.
Divorce does not have to be a lonely, painful, and
frightening experience. The right attorney will help
you through the many issues involved in a divorce.
In contrast retaining the wrong lawyer is extremely
costly and is more likely to result in an adverse result.
The wrong lawyer can become part of the nightmare

Family does matter to Attorney Jones, as he has 3
children and understands the true meaning of
"Family Values". Child issues are complicated and
Attorney Jones will and does devote time
and energy to focus on his clients' concerns involving
their children and how parents can best serve
the needs and interests of their children.

Monetary issues, such as marital property distribution
(Equitable Distribution in North Carolina), child support, spousal support, and alimony are more complicated than ever.

If you are considering divorce or are dealing with
child custody issues, please contact Arnold Jones
today. He will take the time to listen to your needs.

Arnold Jones is also a North Carolina Board
Certified Mediator. Mediation is the process of resolving disputes through collaboration. Mediators are neutral third parties who help litigants work out
their own agreements. What mediators need
are the process of mediation, the techniques
of facilitation, and methods of moving beyond
impasse. Attorney Jones has the training and
experience that make him an effective family
mediator. Mediation can lead to quicker resolution and also less expense. For those interested in family law mediation, contact Attorney Jones for an appointment.



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