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the largest independent title insurance agency in the state of florida
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Associated Land Title Group, Inc. is the largest Independent Title Insurance Company in the State of Florida. Computerized research and closing facilities, strategically located throughout the State, provide up-to-the-minute, accurate title research, information and services for sophisticated interstate investors as well as the individual home owner. Our people have accumulated many years of experience in order to master the complexities of commercial and residential real estate title searches and closings, and they are committed to providing the timely, professional attention that today's market place demands. Our customers enjoy the comfort of knowing that their clients are handled with courtesy. They have learned to depend upon our high standards of customer service.

Our title insurance policies are issued though Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, the oldest and one of the largest title insurance underwriters in the nation. Toll-free telephone assistance is available nationwide and Associated Land Title Group, Inc. people stand ready to demonstrate commitment to excellence.

We pledge our performance to be worthy of your trust.

Donald R. Crisp, CLS
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Donald C. Henderson
President and Chief Operating Officer

Associated Land Title Group, Inc.
4900 Bayou Boulevard, Suite 201
Pensacola, Florida 32576

(850) 478-3918

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