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How It Works

The containment system is more than just another hidden fence. It uses innovative, computerized technology to provide the finest security available for your dog.

Here's how:
1. A transmitter is mounted in your home or garage.
2. The transmitter sends a digital radio signal through the containment system
  boundary wire buried around your property.
3. Once your system is installed, you train your dog for 1 to 2 weeks on a leash
  until it understands the importance of staying away from the flagged boundaries.
4. After the training period, your dog can roam freely in your yard and you don't
  have to worry about it leaving.
5. If your dog approaches the boundary area and enters the signal field, its collar
  receiver issues a beep to warn you it is too close to the boundary.
6. If your dog ignores the beep for more than two seconds, the receiver issues a
  light electrical stimulus to correct the dog.
7. If your dog continues toward the boundary, the exclusive, run-through preventer
  automatically increases the correction to the high level.
8. Eventually you can begin removing the flags a few at a time.
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how it works why atlanta dog fencing pet containment home