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Highly Specialized in Tropical Diseases and Disorders with over 30 years experience.
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Aussie Animal Hospital is a Full Service Veterinary Hospital
We also offer the latest in technology including:
Laser Surgery
Video Endoscopy
Comprehensive In-house Laboratory
Full Monitoring Equipment (for intensive care)

Dr. Patrick Vincent Mornane
dr. mornane
  • Dr. Mornane graduated in 1967 from Melbourne University in Australia at age 22.
  • After working in a general practice for a few years, Dr. Mornane started a practice in Darwin servicing the remote Northern Outback.
    • The nearest private practice was 1000 miles to the South and the only other veterinarians were government employees.
    • Dr. Mornane's practice covered a very large area and all types of animals. Besides cats, dogs, horses, and some cattle and buffalo, Dr. Mornane also treated crocodiles, kangaroos and wallabies.
  • After selling his practice in 1992, Dr. Mornane took a postgraduate course at the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan.
  • In 1993, he was chosen as the Charlie Bild VIP at the University of Florida. This position enables well-respected veterinarians in private practice to teach, develop and learn new technologies.
  • Dr. Mornane became licensed to practice in the State of Florida in 1994 and has been in private practice ever since.

Current Projects

Dr. Mornane has developed a semen freezing bank that specializes in mating animals whose genetic potential is valuable but whose fertility is sometimes impaired. He is starting to flush embryos from dogs in order to freeze the eggs and store them. He plans to do the same with some young exotic cats. This type of work, which is done in other species, is particularly important in the concept of gene banking and preserving endangered or valuable genotypes.

The Doctor still does general practice and is experienced in dermatology, internal medicine, and surgery.

Aussie Animal Hospital
Miami Beach
453 Arthur Godfrey Rd (41 Street)
Miami Beach, Florida 33140
(305) 535-4695
South Dade
18675 S. Dixie Hwy.
Miami, Florida 33157
(305) 235-7339

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