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austin insurance agency
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Tow Truck Insurance at Affordable Rates:
Low Premium Financing Garage Keepers Liability
Physical Damage State and Federal Filings
On Hook/Cargo Commercial Property
Garage Liability MCS-90
Auto Liability    
(All insurance programs are available for repossession agents.)

We also insure:
Service Stations Body Shops (with U.L.
Repair Shops   Approved Spray Booths)*

*With or without tow trucks.
For Personalized Insurance Call:
"We'll Come See You"
Austin Insurance Agency

2109 Broadway Street • Paducah, KY 42001
 (270) 444-6818
548-7538 Fax:  (270) 444-6809
After 6 pm:  (270) 628-3226

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