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Benchmark Surveying & Engineering, Inc. has been in business in the same area since 1988. We have completed numerous projects, both large and small, for governmental agencies as well as for the private sector. We pride ourselves in having the knowledge and expertise of the local area, with over fifty years of surveying records on file. We are licensed and registered in the state of Florida and have been certified by the state of Florida as a Minority Business Enterprise.

Our company provides numerous professional surveying and engineering services that include:
bullet Boundary Surveys
bullet Topographic Surveys
bullet Wetland Surveys
bullet Environmental Permitting
bullet Land Planning
bullet Landfill Surveys
bullet Site Plans
bullet Subdivision Layout and Design
bullet Right-of-Way Surveying and Mapping
bullet Stormwater Drainage Design
bullet Construction Surveying and Layout
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Benchmark Surveying has also been certified by the Florida Department of Transportation to perform the following types of work:
bullet Land and Right-of-Way Surveying bullet Design Surveys
bullet Right-of-Way Map Preparation bullet Legal Description Preparation

Our current staff includes two licensed professional surveyors, one licensed professional engineer, one engineering intern, and fifteen additional full-time support staff members. With four survey field crews, we can offer a fast response and turn-around time for any surveying work which may be needed. We also have the flexibility to commit personnel immediately to accomplish this work. Our key personnel, who will be involved in this work, have excellent experience, which more than adequately qualifies them to successfully complete your projects both accurately and in a timely manner.

In-house quality assurance will consist of cross-checks of survey data and drawings by staff personnel as well as the use of project checklists to ensure accuracy and completeness of all work prior to submittal. Quality and accuracy of work, along with timely execution of services is of utmost importance to Benchmark Surveying & Engineering, Inc. Top priority will be placed on these issues to ensure a product that will meet your needs. We take pride in our work and our profession.

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Benchmark Surveying & Engineering, Inc.
4344 U.S. Highway 90, Suite A • Pace, Florida 32571
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