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Thomas E. Nichols, P.L.S.

Mr. Nichols has well over 25 years of experience in all phases of land surveying in both Santa Rosa and Escambia counties. He has continually stayed current with technological advances in the surveying profession by attending local and state seminars on a regular basis. Mr. Nichols has successfully owned and operated Benchmark Surveying & Engineering, Inc. for over ten years. In addition, Mr. Nichols has served as the County Surveyor for Santa Rosa County, Florida, and he is the past president of the Panhandle Chapter for the Florida Society of Professional Land Surveyors. Mr. Nichols oversees the day to day activities for all field crews and office personnel at Benchmark Surveying & Engineering, Inc.

Mr. Nichols also spent four years with the Santa Rosa Country Engineering Department and the Natural Recourses Conservation Service (formerly Soil Conservation Service) working on drainage related projects. He has a strong background in cost effective and time efficient management of surveying and land planning activities.

Areas of technical and managerial expertise including:
bullet Topographic Surveys bullet Quantity/Measurement Surveys
bullet Horizontal/Vertical Control Surveys bullet Hydrographic Surveys
bullet "As-Built" Surveys bullet Geodetic Surveys
bullet Profiles and Cross-Sections bullet Design of Site Grading Plans
bullet Right-of-Way Surveying and Mapping    


Stephen Gary Rutan, P.L.S.
Mr. Rutan has 24 years of experience in all phases of land surveying. He has continually stayed current with technological advances in the surveying profession by attending local and state seminars. He owned and operated his own surveying company known as Rutan Land Surveying from 1990 to 1995. He joined Benchmark Surveying & Engineering in 1995 to manage and direct the surveying department. Mr. Rutan currently directs the field crews and surveying technicians and coordinates day-to-day activities.

Mr. Rutan has a strong background in construction surveying and construction layout having worked for several large industrial construction companies. He also possesses excellent drafting skills and is fluent in several computer aided drafting programs including:
bullet AutoCAD bullet Eagle Point
bullet MicroSurvey bullet MapCAD and More

Areas of technical expertise include:
bullet Subdivision Layout and Design bullet Utility and Utility Construction Surveys
bullet Boundary Surveys bullet Right-of-Way Surveying and Mapping
bullet Topographic Surveys bullet Quality Control Surveys
bullet Construction Surveys bullet Construction Layout and Design


Alan M. Miller, P.E.
Project Engineer

Bachelor of Science, Agicultural Engineering, Auburn University, 1986
Master of Engineering, University of South Florida, 1995

Mr. Miller joined Benchmark Surveying & Engineering in October, 1998. Before joining the firm, Mr. Miller served as a Civil Engineer with the Public Works Department as NAS Whiting Field in Milton, Florida for five years. His major duties and responsibilities at Whiting Field included project mangement responbility for construction, maintenance, and operation of base facilities and infrastructure. Typical projects involved new construction, renovations, or upgrades to enhance performace of existing systems to meet new requirements. This work included planning, engineering design, preparation of bid package, advertisement, award, constuction inspection, and government acceptance.

Before working at Whiting Field, Mr. Miller worked seven years at the Naval Aviation Depot in Pensacola, Florida. His duties and responsibilities there included preparing maintenance specifications for aircraft engines and related components. This work included field investigations of aircraft mishaps and components failures to determine cause and promulgating design and/or maintenance procedure modifications to prevent future occurences.


Paul (P.J.) A. Mcleod Jr., E.I.
Engineering Coordinator
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Florida State Unviveristy, 1997

Mr. Mcleod joined Benchmark Surveying & Engineering in January, 1998. Since joining the firm, Mr. Mcleod has been involved in the design and permitting of subdivisions, site plans, and landfills for residential and commercial organizations. The process of getting permits and approvals for these projects has provided Mr. Mcleod with experience in coordination with several local and state agencies including Santa Rosa County. Prior to graduating from Florida State University, Mr. Mcleod served as a soil conservation technician aide with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). His duties and responsibilities with NRCS including inspection of EWP projects in Santa Rosa County as well as the limited design adn layout of these projects. The majority of work Mr. Mcleod took on with NRCS involved stormwater control using terraces, waterways and swales, ponds, rock-lined ditches, and other various forms of conveyance.

Mr. Mcleod also has experience with various types of engineering related software.

Following is an overview of this type of expereince:
bullet AutoCAD bullet TR-55 bullet SUPRA3
bullet Microsurvey CAD bullet Excel bullet WaterCAD
bullet MapCAD bullet MathCAD bullet H2Optimize
bullet Ohio bullet Primavera    

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