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Advertising in The Real Yellow Pages® and The Real White Pages® from BellSouth
The Real Yellow Pages from BellSouth is the one book where millions of people throughout the region look at the exact moment they're ready to buy - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Put your business message where they'll find it when they're ready to become your customer. And with The Real White Pages from BellSouth, customers can always find you by simply knowing the name of your business.

Benefits include:

  • Delivered to nearly every resident or business with a phone
  • Appears in more homes in the BellSouth region than any other Yellow or White Pages
  • Helps customers find you; for many, it's a complete shopping guide

Virtually Unlimited Options
BellSouth offers advertising programs to fit your needs and budget. Click
here to sample some of our offers. To sign up, or for additional information about other BellSouth services:

  • Talk to your Advertising Representative
  • Call the toll-free number on your letter
  • E-mail us

1. Offer based on a minimum discount of 25% applied over a 12-month contract for a variety of advertising types and sizes of full rate Yellow Pages advertising only. Extended advertising options, Internet, new products, listings, cover space, banners, in-column white knockout and quarter columns are excluded. Valid for new local advertisers only in The Real Yellow Pages from BellSouth. All other terms and conditions of advertising contract apply.
* National Yellow Pages Monitor®, NFO AD:IMPact - 1998 Regional Performance Monitor
** NFO Midyear 1999 - Active Intermedia Measurement

Shoppers region-wide used The Real Yellow Pages from BellSouth 1.7 billion times last year!*


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Reach more customers with the region's #1 ad source!**

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