Bone and Joint
are proud to be opening a new facility
with the orthopaedic patient in mind.

The New Chattanooga Bone and Joint Center represents a new landmark in the care and convenience of orthopaedic patients in Chattanooga and surrounding region. Located at 1809 Gunbarrel Road between the Women's East Pavilion and Memorial Atrium, the Orthopaedic Center encompasses nearly 13,000 square feet and will serve as the main offices of Chattanooga Bone and Joint Surgeons, P.C. While also including Stubbs Prosthetics and Orthotics and Benchmark Physical Therapy. It can be easily accessed from I-75 on either the East Brainerd or Shallowford Road exits.

Chattanooga Bone and Joint Center will be the first of it's kind in Chattanooga to offer complete orthopaedic, orthotic/prosthetic and physical therapy services under one roof. It's inception can be traced to Dr. Martin Redish, the founder of Chattanooga Bone and Joint Surgeons which also includes Dr.'s Bruce Short, John Nash and David Bruce.
"Dr. Redish talked about building a free standing office on Gunbarrel Road the first day I met him", recalls Dr. Short" six years later his vision, though modified and hopefully enhanced by his partners, has now been realized".
"By combining multiple services with easy access, convenient parking and a comfortable setting Chattanooga Bone and Joint Center was entirely and specifically designed for the orthopaedic patient," notes Dr. John Nash. "One particularly nice feature is the weather protected front door drive and drop off capability for the patient and easy single level parking for the drivers" he adds. Dr. Redish also points out, "The waiting room was intentionally oversized to provide maximum comfort for the patients to whom comfort is difficult to come by".
Not to be minimized is the aspect of obtaining orthopaedic care, physical therapy and orthotic/prosthetic services at a single location. "Quite often the mobility of an orthopaedic patient is severely hampered," notes Dr. Bruce "and combining these services at a single location should prove highly advantageous and convenient for the patient".

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