Do I Need a Lawyer?
Insurance companies often advertise that they settle claims fast. Many times insurance companies wish to take statements, have you sign documents and/or settle your claim with you, before you know your rights. Don't be a victim twice. Injured persons represented by lawyers typically recover greater amounts. Insurance companies know this. If you or a family member has suffered injuries due to the fault of another, you could benefit from speaking with a lawyer.

An attorney experienced in handling bodily injury and property damage claims can take many of the daily hassles out of preparing your claim for an appropriate settlement or trial.


Do I have to file a lawsuit to settle my case?
Many claims can be settled without filing a lawsuit. If the party at fault for the injuries has insurance, and their insurance company will negotiate an agreeable settlement, the claim can be settled without even filing a lawsuit. In other cases, if the other party or their insurance carrier is not willing to offer fair compensation for your injuries, then a lawsuit may have to be filed seeking that you be awarded what is appropriate.


How much is my case worth?
The value of your case depends on a number of different variables relating to what the injuries are and how they were sustained. If you are represented by a lawyer, that attorney can weigh those variables and compare them to what other persons with similar cases have been paid in settlement and/or after trial in that area.


How much is your attorney's fee?
Most personal injury cases can be taken on a contingency basis instead of on an hourly fee. If a lawyer is paid a "contingency" fee, that attorney is paid a percentage of what is ultimately collected, only after a settlement or trial. This typically means that our office only gets paid if it collects a money recovery for you and charges no attorney's fee if it is unsuccessful in obtaining a settlement or judgment for you. The percentage amount depends on the type of case and will be agreed to in writing when you first hire this office. The fee is then based on the percentage of the gross recovery before subtracting our costs and your medical expenses. Other cases are taken on an hourly basis.



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