Motor Vehicle, Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Accidents

If you are involved in motor vehicle accident, bicycle or pedestrian, did you know the law requires your auto insurance carrier should be paying your medical bills and wage loss, even if your not at fault? If you do not own a vehicle, but reside with a relative who does, did you know state law requires their insurance to pay the bills, even if it is not your fault? Perhaps you do not live with a relative, then you may get your bills paid by the insurance carrier of the other person, even if it is not your fault? Insurance law in the state of Florida is complex and confusing, do not rely upon the insurance company, call our office now for information you need to know.

Landowner, homeowner and Storeowner Liability

Did you know that your medical bills for injuries sustained on the property of another may be paid up to a certain amount, even if you are at fault for your injuries? Further, if you are injured on the property of another, either in a building, or on the grounds of the property, you may be able to recover your losses associated with those injuries? Have you been robbed, beaten or perhaps, worse, raped, on the property of another? Have your children been harmed? Did you know the owner may be responsible for your loss for the failure to provide adequate supervision, security, lighting, or other safety measures? Do not guess or rely on the owner to inform you, call our office now for the information you need to know.

Insurance claims and denials

Has your insurance claim been denied? Has the insurance company requested you to appear for an examination under oath? Have they requested personal financial records? Have they responded to your reasonable request for payment or assistance? Did you know that if you retain an attorney and suit is filed against the insurance company to enforce the contract, that you may be entitled to have your attorney fees and cost reimbursed to you if you are successful in the enforcement of your claim? Do not ignore the insurance companies request, do not delay in seeking the information you need to know. Call our office now for what you need to know.

Criminal Defense

Do you have to submit to field sobriety examinations? Do you have to submit to a breath test? Should you submit to either, and if so, when? Can you challenge the state's suspension of your license? Can you apply for a hardship? Should you ever cooperate with the authorities in any investigation? Being investigated or charged with any crime at anytime is perhaps one of the most serious issues you can face. Be prepared, be represented by counsel, call our office now for the information you need to know.


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