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Personal Injury
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   The law offices of Don C. Gibson provide you with professional, courteous counsel for sensitive personal injury issues.

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   We are accessible to our clients, including weekends and evenings by appointment.

   • Automobile Accidents
   • Slips & Falls
   • Motorcycle Accidents

hat to do in case of an automobile accident.
   Because accidents happen to even the best of drivers, everyone should be prepared to do the right things immediately afterward. Many legal troubles arising from accidents could be avoided if the persons involved knew what they should do.
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    Unless injuries make it necessary for you to leave the scene of the accident, remain there until you have completed all of the following procedures:

   •Call the police or highway patrol;
Assist the injured;
Move your vehicle to the side if obstructing traffic;
Identify the other driver;
Get names, addresses, and statements of witnesses;
Make notes and fill out the accident information form in pamphlet; and
Make a diagram of the accident.

    South Carolina requires drivers or owners of cars involved in accidents to report the accident within 15 days to the South Carolina Department of Transportation. The investigating officer will give you a form (FR-10) to fill out to prove that you have the proper liability insurance.

    Report the accident to your insurance company. Failure to make a prompt and correct report may affect your rights. If you were injured, notify the company issuing the applicable insurance (accident insurance, hospitalization, etc.) After the accident you have a duty to cooperate with your insurance company; however, you have no duty to give statements or sign any forms given to you by any other drivers' insurance companies.

    Remember, any statement may be used as an admission of fault. Be cautious in dealing with persons offering to adjust your case or trying to hurry you into a settlement. Once a release is signed, it is very difficult to reopen a case. If the other party or the opposing insurance company offers a settlement or asks you to sign a release, you may wish to consult a lawyer. You can lose valuable rights in signing a release.

    Do not make or promise to make immediate payment of any kind to the other party. Any such payment would be at your own risk. The other driver cannot force you to make any payment without legal proceedings, nor can the other driver hold your car without legal action. Keep records of all expenses associated with the accident, including doctor bills, time lost from work and any other expenses. Save copies of all bills.

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