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   The law offices of Don C. Gibson provide you with professional, courteous counsel concerning your business, family, and real estate.

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   Business Law - The Law Offices of Don C. Gibson frequently represent various size business and industry of the Low County.
   We are dedicated to handling cases cost-effectively for our corporate clients.

   • Incorporations
   • Civil Litigation
   • Partnerships
   • International Representation

   Family Law - The Law Offices of Don C. Gibson understand the sensitive nature of domestic issues. Our personal touch will help ease the pain of legal disputes that could arise within your own family.

   • Divorce/Separation
   • Custody Cases
   • Child Support
   • Wills
   • Probate
   • Planning


   Real Estate - The Law Offices of Don C. Gibson provide convenient access to clients for smooth real estate transactions.
   Our professional support staff will help organize and facilitate final transactions. We schedule convenient appointments for real estate professionals, financial institutions, buyers, and sellers.
   We are accessible to our clients, including weekends and evenings by appointment.


Don C. Gibson - Attorney at Law
5422 Rivers Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29406

Telephone - (843) 744-1887
Fax - (843) 744-5320

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