excellent full service warehouse

We are a full-service warehouse and distribution company that specializes in many different areas of warehousing and distribution.

Our main goal is to acquire your business and keep it, by doing an excellent job for you and your company. We want to provide your company with lower warehousing rates and cut your shipping and receiving cost down to a minimum amount.

Our rates are considerably lower than the average warehousing company. Each employee and staff member has at least ten to twenty years in the warehousing business. This experience gives us the ability to handle your account on a professional basis. We have experienced people in essential places that can handle any type of task required to be performed.

We are located in the metro Atlanta area, where eighty five percent of all major freight lines are located. This gives us the advantage to ship each order every day without any excuses! We use a truck fleet for metro area delivery, LTL, and truck load shipping. We use rail service by CXS, and the discount on this service is passed on to you.

We use different freight lines that give us the best service, with a fifty to fifty five percent discount on shipping and receiving, and this savings is passed on to you. A freight program is available, and in house consolidation to major markets in the Southeast.

We are a personal service distribution warehouse. Freezer and cooler space is available. We are totally flexible and we tailor to your needs. We offer you a competitive edge in the Southeast. I hope you keep us in mind during your next expansion, overflow, or just let us handle your product on a full time basis. We handle any merchandise, any size, or quantity.

You tell us what you want, and we can do it. We want your business, and we will prove it.

We hope that you will be joining our facility in the near future. For further information call Michael L. Turner at the number below, or in case of emergency:  (770) 736-3998.

See our services page for a list of services that are available at this time.

Sincerely, Michael L. Turner, President

excellent full service warehouse
excellent full service warehouse

Excellent Full Service Warehouse
4536 Ashington Drive • Snellville, GA 30039
(770) 736-0971 • Fax:  (770) 736-7378

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