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Welcome to Huntsville’s premier retirement community.  A place where older adults can live and maintain their independence while receiving the assistance they need in privacy and with dignity.  Unlike the institutional setting of a nursing center, Greystone is elegant, spacious and designed for both the needs and preferences of older adults.

Here, you will find no stairwells, obstructed hallways or treacherous flooring.  Neither will restrictive policies or intrusive staff members limit your lifestyle.  Decisions are your own, and the thoughtful manner in which the buildings have been planned eliminates the need for concern when coming and going.

Enjoy the beautiful fireplace with your friends.  Invite the family for lunch.  Take a walk
on the lovely landscaped grounds.  All here for your pleasure without the worry
of maintenance and upkeep.

And when you need assistance, a professional and caring attendant is always nearby.

Greystone is the lifestyle alternative for those who seek security, comfort, and
service within luxurious accommodations.

Simple Value

Making the decision to leave one’s home is difficult enough without facing the complicated pricing structures of some assisted living facilities.  Levels of care and monthly assessments can trigger a change in rate without warning…at someone else’s discretion.

The staff of Greystone believes that we are here to assist our residents, regardless of their needs, for as long as they meet the criteria for assisted living.  There are no additional fees.
No monthly assessment.  Just the care you need, at the rate you expect.  A fair and
reasonable one.

That’s simple value.  That’s the promise of Greystone.

Greystone Retirement Community
4200 Chris Road
Huntsville, AL 35802
(256) 880-1101

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