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June 22, 2000

P.O. Box 91587
Louisville, Kentucky 40291

      Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ;
      We are writing to you on behalf of our entire congregation in an outreach effort to all who love The Lord. In the past we have reached out to help and support other ministries and people. Now, however, we find ourselves in dire need.
      Tuesday morning, June 13, 2000 an act of arson by persons unknown burned our church to the ground. Our beautiful church was only al little more than one year old. Needless to say we are devastated. While we thank God no-one was in the building at the time of the arson, the call we received at 1:42 A.M. will echo in our hearts: "THE CHURCH IS ON FIRE." Our lovely place of worship so many of us had poured our lives into was gone in such a short time.
      All was lost save a trumpet, two Shofars and a few other items. Due to our insurance not being increased to accommodate our most recent renovation we have only half the amount we need to pay the existing mortgage not to mention rebuilding. The current mortgage is 1.7 million. The insurance is 855 thousand. Including church furnishings, equipment and equity, our loss exceeds one million dollars.
We are prayerfully asking all Christians to step forward at this time and join in support of this ministry. Bishops Dan and Rebecca Johnson have been in ministry more than twenty years and have touched hundreds of thousands of lives through evangelism, tent ministry and pastoring. We at Heart of Fire Church are blessed to be part of this Ministry and, with the guidance of Almighty God, are determined to see this ministry continue and flourish as GOD GIVES BEAUTY FOR ASHES! ISAIAH 61:3. Pictures and articles may be viewed at courierjournal.com or yp.bellsouth.com/heartoffire

      Reverends Donald and Linda Dickson
      Deacons of Heart of Fire Ministries

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