How It WorksCategories

It's simple, easy and free!

1 Just call VAL at 404 633-TALK (8255)
    or dial #Talk on your Cingular Wireless phone.

2. Tell VAL the information category you want from this list:



3. VAL will then prompt you for your selection within that information category. Example: After selecting "Horoscopes," you tell VAL "I want Libra."

Helpful Hints:

1. Always speak clearly.
2. Answer only the question VAL asks you.
3. Avoid calling from a noisy room or vehicle. Background noise may confuse VAL.

Useful Shortcuts:

To hear something again, say "Repeat" or press *.
To skip something, say "Next" or press #.
To return to the beginning of Info by Voice, say "Main Menu."


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* There is no charge for #TALK; however, your package minutes will be reduced by the airtime you use. Customers with a home calling area outside of Atlanta my incur toll charges.

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