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If you are selling, it is important to view your home through the eyes of the buyer. Inspections help you identify what potential problems might exist and be better prepared to address those issues before they are a problem. Furthermore, a pre-inspected home can be more appealing to potential buyers.
As a buyer, a home inspection is a very necessary step to ensure that you understand the condition of the house. With an inspection comes an on-site computer generated report. This report represents a thorough visual examination of the home.
Computer Generated Report
Our reports are computer generated and printed at the completion of the inspection. This allows the inspector to address any questions our clients may have in person. We adhere strictly to the standards and ethics of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors). Our inspection covers 200 points including the structural components (roof, foundation, walls, windows, and doors) and the mechanical components (plumbing, electrical, appliances, heating, and cooling). A thorough home inspection ensures all parties involved are entering into this very important transaction completely informed.
Exclusive 90 Day Guarantee - Free
Each inspection includes, at no additional cost, the exclusive Nashville Home Inspection Guarantee against major unexpected repair expense on specified items.
Who Performs NHI Inspection?
All NHI inspectors are chosen for their engineering and/or construction backgrounds. NHI offers extensive state of the art training from GHITI (General Home Inspections Training Institute).
GHITI provides inspectors with ongoing technical updates on the latest developments in the construction and maintenance fields. Each year NHI requires re-certification testing. Keeping abreast of all the changes affecting residential construction is one of our primary goals. Our intensive training requirements allow our inspectors to provide you with the utmost level of service.
Certified & Insured
Nashville Home Inspection is completely insured. We carry Worker's Compensation, Liability, and Errors and Omissions insurance. Our insurance policy allows for a "Hold Harmless" addendum for the protection of realtors.
  • 0 - 3000 sq. ft. $225.00
  • 3001 - 4000 sq. ft. $275.00
  • 4001+ sq. ft. $295.00

Nashville Home Inspection
Phone: 615-573-4468 • Fax: 615-383-0866

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