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Community Involvement
Mission Statement
Northside Community Mortgage, Inc. pledges to be a role model for local business community involvement in the city of Jacksonville, Fla. We are very aware of our responsibility to support the community that we rely on for our success.
By assuming a leading role in the development of our youth with local scholarships and financial support of local charities, we hope to inspire other local businesses to join in and do the same.
This is why a portion of all Northside Community Mortgage's revenues will be donated to local organizations and institutions that support the development of our youth into productive community citizens.
We fully understand that any business must have an ongoing and productive partnership with the community that it serves. Our business is to help place people into homes and to improve our community members' financial situations.
It is the hope of our company that by making this commitment to our community, that other businesses will also help make our community the best place to live in Florida.

"Northside Community Mortgage Inc. was established to provide the highest possible level of mortgage service and expertise to Florida's current and future homeowners. Our company is committed to helping our customers obtain the best possible home loan for their own unique needs."
At Northside Community Mortgage, we are determined to make applying and receiving a home loan a less intimidating experience. Each one of our loan consultants takes the time to fully explain the loan application process. They keep all of our customers informed every step of the way. Our loan consultants are truly interested in helping each of our customers improve their personal financial situation.
Northside Community Mortgage, Inc. is a licensed mortgage broker business in the state of Florida. All of our loan consultants are licensed mortgage brokers in the state of Florida. All members of our staff perform their services to our customers with honesty, skill and speed. We look forward to helping you achieve all of your real estate objectives.

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