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norkin and druckerNorkin and Drucker practices civil and criminal litigation. We, Jeff Norkin and Jonathan Drucker, practice law to obtain vindication and justice for our clients.

Jeff Norkin, who directs our commercial and civil rights litigation, fights for compensation for individuals abused by governmental agencies, condominium associations, and retail corporations.

Jonathan Drucker fights to protect criminal defendants from the abusive, overreaching practices of prosecuting attorneys and police officers.

Together, we despise and fight injustice with intense energy and passion. We also have the experience necessary to recognize injustice when we see it, and to anticipate it before it occurs in civil lawsuits and criminal defenses.

The firm currently represents numerous plaintiffs who have been beaten, abused, falsely arrested, and falsely imprisoned by police departments, correctional facilities, and retail corporations throughout Florida. The firm litigates these matters under federal civil rights and state tort law, in state and federal courts. In several of these matters, clients seek over one million dollars in damages. F. Lee Bailey, Esq., the world's most famous trial lawyer, is co-counsel in two cases with the firm and is available for future cases should the case require and justify his involvement.

Norkin and Drucker also represents a variety of plaintiffs and corporations in commercial litigation. In the last two years, the firm obtained awards of over $800,000 and $400,000. We represent commercial plaintiffs in state court and in binding arbitration. We also represent parties who have been denied health insurance claims both under ERISA and state laws.
Norkin and Drucker, P.A.
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