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Many Men and Women Will Experience Hair Loss
doctor norris and patientBaldness and thinning of hair are conditions that effect almost two thirds of the population. It is a fact that Male Pattern Baldness, the most common type of hair loss is genetic. You know that you are still young and healthy, however, your disappearing hair may make you feel like you are aging prematurely, and you don't like it! Don't accept your loss as irrevocable. For those who feel their best with a full head of hair, there is a natural long term solution. It's the Norris Hair Technique, restoring hair through transplant surgery.

Today's modern solution. In the US alone, more that 200,000 men and women per year take advantage of hair transplantation to restore the look of fuller hair.

The success of this method is assured by transplanting your own hair follicles taken from the sides and the back of the head, to areas that are now thinning or bald. These living follicles, programmed genetically to grow throughout your life will produce hair wherever they are transplanted. It is your own healthy natural hair to style any way you choose.

Alopecia (or scalp) reduction is a different surgical procedure where bald skin is removed. This reduces the area of baldness more quickly so that fewer transplants are needed. Not all patients however are candidates for this procedure.

Decisions about hair restoration are important ones, so chances are you'll want to make them with the assistance of experienced medical personnel. At Norris Hair Transplant Clinic, there is no substitute for quality, education, and experience. Our practice is devoted exclusively to professional medical hair restoration.

Important Differences
A natural hairline and no bandages. To achieve the most attractive results possible, Dr. Norris combines the most advanced methods in mini, micro, contour, square, primary and single hair grafting with an artistic eye for detail. Alopecia Scalp Reduction may also be included in the process, depending on the individuals need, types of grafts chosen to address specific areas of balding and to achieve optimum results. Gone are the days of the "plugs." Proper angulation in graft placement and a variety of graft sizes are the signature techniques used to recreate your natural hairline and complete transplant.

Dr. Norris has refined the process of transplantation so that you may leave the office bandage free! If you have prudently made the decision to have a transplant in the early stages of your hair loss, styling will allow your transplant to be kept strictly confidential. In fact, after styling, you may return to work the next day after your surgery.

The Norris Hair Clinic Experience
Comfort and certain results. There are some questions about transplants that can best be answered by someone who has had one. We will be glad to put you in touch with patients who have volunteered to talk with others about their experience with us. We will also honor your right to keep your transplant confidential.

You'll learn that a mild anesthetic assures that the session (about 2-3 hours) is virtually pain free. Many patients watch video movies or read during the procedure. Our no bandage methods mean busy schedules are kept, even after a session, and more importantly, you'll see your healthy new hair growth within weeks.

Dr. Edwin R. Norris sincerely cares about his patients and understands the potential psychological pain that the loss of one's hair can cause. Concern about a hair loss problem is not an issue of vanity. Allow out specialist to assess your hair loss problem.

About Rogaine, Propecia and Other Hair Growth Type Products
Learn the facts. Not every patient is a candidate for hair transplant surgery. For some men and women, other medical options are available. We can help you determine whether you are a candidate for Rogaine, Propecia or other hair growth type products and what you might expect of it. There are many myths and inaccuracies about these type of treatments. Learn the accurate medical facts from our physician and staff before starting on any medical hair growth treatment program.

The First Important Step

A free, confidential consultation. Why not get started by getting the facts? There's no charge for the consultation. We will evaluate your individual situation in a honest, concerned, and professional manner. Call our office for an appointment. Just tell us your goals and we can help you reach them. In choosing Norris Hair Transplant Clinic, you can be assured of an honest and realistic evaluation of your hair loss situation.

For a confidential consultation or more information about Norris Hair Transplant Clinic, call (865) 588-3367 or (800) 527-4725, or visit our office at 5401 Kingston Pike, Suite 300, Knoxville. We will also be glad to send you a free informational video.
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