palmetto hematology oncology, p.c.
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palmetto hematology oncology, p.c.

palmetto hematology oncology, p.c.Laboratory
Our lab is comprised of highly trained personnel who specialize in the art of drawing blood from the most difficult to stick patients. We can provide same day results on numerous routine tests for our patient's convenience. A private room is available for patients who need central line devices accessed.

Our pharmacy is staffed by a full-time pharmacist and technicians with years of experience in oncology. We prepare all chemotherapy given and offer a variety of oral medications to our patients. We accept several prescription plans from area healthcare insurance companies. We also participate in patient assistance programs through pharmaceutical companies for those who demonstrate financial need.

Stem Cell Transplant
A joint effort between Palmetto Hematology Oncology and Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System offers comprehensive transplant services for the treatment of various malignancies. A team of committed professionals works together to provide comprehensive care in a compassionate, "close to home" environment. The majority of care is provided in our outpatient areas, with the inpatient facilities poised to deliver continued quality care. Support services and groups are available to provide ongoing social and emotional support.

palmetto hematology oncology, p.c.Infusion Center
We provide several outpatient services that may be ordered by your physician. Infusion nurses can administer chemotherapy, blood transfusions, injections, and central line catheter care for our patients. Semiprivate and private rooms are available for treatment. Patient education is a priority for our nurses. You will be able to discuss with your nurse during office visits, any question concerning your treatment or side effects. No children under the age of 16 shall be permitted in the treatment areas for their safety as well as the safety of the patients.

Upstate CCOP is a research center for ongoing clinical trials. Patients may choose to enroll in open studies if initial criteria are met. Research is an integral part of cancer care. If a patient is eligible for any current studies, a research nurse will discuss them with you and your family for consideration. Participating in all research studies is voluntary.

palmetto hematology oncology, p.c.Support Services
We have a great deal to offer our patients in supportive services. The Cancer Caring Connection is a support group for patients and their families that meet monthly. Visit our brand new media/resource center to access a variety of education materials:  the Internet, videotapes, and books. A comprehensive breast health program will be available for women in the community.

palmetto hematology oncology, p.c.
palmetto hematology oncology, p.c.

Palmetto Hematology Oncology, P.C.
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palmetto hematology oncology, p.c.

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