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baby nursesThis letter is in reference to the services Baby Nurses rendered to our boy/girl twins and our family. Being a first time mom and with premature twins to boot (born at 34 weeks), I was very nervous bringing them home, one of which was only 3 lbs 3 oz! We were given less than 24 hours notice that the babies would be coming home from the hospital after their 10 day stay. The Baby Nurses staff dropped everything and met us at our house so that they were there when we drove up with our twins for the first time. It was so comforting! I commend Jackie Campbell on her customer service focus and her ability to meet our needs. Willean Martin has been our primary care giver. I cannot say enough good things about Willean. She has taught me so much. I consider her a friend and a member of this family. She treats our children as if they were her own. She is thoughtful, professional, resourceful, dependable, reliable, and patient. I would highly recommend Willean as a baby nurse to anyone.
-Lori Schleicher

The Baby Nurses were a Godsend to our triplet daughters and our family. Getting a good night's sleep with one baby is difficult, but with three babies it's impossible. After a couple of weeks of doing it on our own, I called Baby Nurses to provide nightly care. They readily came into our home giving love and comfort to our daughters and giving us a semblance of a normal life. All this was done in a very professional manner with the utmost care and attention to our daughters.

With their knowledge, experience and expertise of multiples, they can help get your babies on a good feeding schedule and work with you to get your babies sleeping through the night.

We greatly appreciate the service they continue to provide to our family and would recommend them to anyone else. We are very thankful they are there to help us. Thank you.
-Mary and Joe Gay

This letter delivers my enthusiastic recommendation of Willean Martin as a baby nurse. As a first time mom - I was very nervous about staying alone with my 3 week old son when my husband left town for business. Having Willean spend the night with me was like having a fairy godmother. She was courteous and professional - and helped me feel at ease. She was wonderful with my son. I feel confident she will do an excellent job for anyone who hires her as a baby nurse.
-Amy Crews

Call us for a good night's rest!
Baby Nurses
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