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Sam Weiss Woodworking, Inc. has been producing custom fixtures for over twenty years. Among our many customers are Entenmann's Bakery, Bestfoods, Interstate Brands, Flowers Baking, and Earthgrains just to name a few. Our most successful display projects are co-developed with our customer. We have the flexibility to tailor the fixture to "fit" product.

Our Objective: To develop a functional, good looking fixture that has the ability to place the major focus on the product we want to present. Developing custom fixtures also allows you to select supermarket and convenience store positionings that you feel have the best potential for volume increases, as well as, longevity to remain intact.

Winners of the 1998 Design of the Times

We place a major emphasis on:

  • The full utilization of the floor space available.
  • Maximum inventory controls.
  • Building “incremental” sales volume.
  • Assuring return on investments.

Our trophy as winners of the 1998 Design of the Times competition shows our propensity of outstanding design!




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