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Boral Bricks Lifetime Plus One Residential Guarantee

At Boral Bricks, we are confident that our product will last well beyond a lifetime - retaining its beauty, color, strength and durability longer and better than virtually any other exterior building material. That's why we offer our special Lifetime Plus One Guarantee to residential customers who build with Boral Bricks. With this signed, sealed and delivered guarantee, you are protected as long as you own your Boral Bricks home - whether it's six years, 60 years, 100, or more. And there's a "Plus". The Lifetime Plus One Guarantee enhances your home's resale potential. If and when you decide to sell, you can pass our guarantee along to your buyer. The new owners will be protected, too, as long as they own the home. A solid brick product that will last a lifetime - plus one. That's the security and confidence all homeowners want. Boral Bricks guarantees that's just what they get.

17th Century - Individually Crafted Brick

Natural beauty starts with being rough around the edges. Introducing 17th Century, a distinguished collection from Boral Bricks. It takes you back in time and gives your dream home antique appeal. What makes 17th Century so special is the process in which they are created. By being formed the "old-fashioned" way, individually in wooden molds and dusted with sand, 17th Century brick possess soft edges, a velvety texture, and various imperfections that make each brick truly one-of-a-kind.

BoralVision - See Your Home Before It's Built

You've already made the decision to use brick. Now it's time to decide - which brick? BoralVision, our innovative, easy-to-use computer imaging software, located in more than 150 brick showrooms nationwide, can help you make the right choice before you even break ground. Here's how it works:  You choose a home similar to yours from over 60 of our elevation styles or have your own plan scanned in. Then, with point and click ease, you mix and match not just Boral Bricks, but trim paint, roofing and mortar, too. The possibilities are endless.

Brick Studio

With literally hundreds of brick styles to choose from these days, the brick buyer's decision making process could be more time consuming and anxiety ridden than ever. But not if we can help it. Boral Bricks has developed the Brick Studio - a new concept in showrooms whose time has come. These authorized showrooms are designed to help you choose just the right brick - with confidence. A brick that's just what you're looking for - nothing less. As you enter one of our authorized showrooms, you will see hundreds of different colors, styles and textures of Boral Bricks. Real brick in panels that are large enough to let you get the big picture, and countless photographs that show you how they look when built into a home. If you have questions, our knowledgeable staff can tell you everything you need to know about Boral Bricks' products and customize your new home, including how you can use different shapes and brick accents on corners, arches, windows and doors.
boral bricks


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