ted hebert, l.l.c.
ted hebert, l.l.c.

ted hebert, l.l.c.

ted hebert, l.l.c.

ted hebert, l.l.c.
Ted Hebert, LLC is a Baton Rouge based company which services the sewer needs of a multi-parish area. We perform the installation and maintenance of Delta brand mechanical treatment plants, tie-ins of community sewer systems, and sewer system pump-outs. In addition to sewer-related services, our drainage specialists install culverts and catch basins to meet all government codes. We are also capable of performing any type of dirt and backhoe work necessary.

We Now Rent Port-A-Lets

Mission Statement

To provide our customers the most professional customer service in the industry, and offer the highest value for the dollar.


Service Area: East Baton Rouge and Surrounding Parishes

Customer Base: Plumbers, Contractors, Engineers, Commercial and Residential Owners, Real Estate Companies, and Mobile Home Companies.

# of Employees: 14

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Ted Hebert, L.L.C.
14450 Brown Road • Baker, LA 70714
(225) 261-1015 • Fax:  (225) 262-7594

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