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"We offer a supportive environment for promoting the biblical mental health / psychiatric well-being of all the members of your family."

"We actively participate in the helping and healing of children and young people of all ages."


Mission Statement:

To provide psychological and counseling services to the broken hearted and strength to those that are weak. Theocentric Psychological Christian Counseling Center intends to operate in accordance with, but not be restricted by, state laws concerning ministry of clinical psychology, pastoral counseling and therapy.

Theocentric Psychological Christian Counseling Center believes that the church is best equipped to meet society's and counseling needs because the church has a solid theocentric focus and a sound theological foundation which utilizes biblical therapeutic skills.

Theocentric Psychological Christian Counseling Center will support and encourage communications and extension of the Christian life and witness by offering sound and comprehensive teaching of biblical principles.

Theocentric Psychological Christian Counseling Center will comply with the appropriate governmental authorities and mandated in the scriptures.

President's Message:

Thank you for your inquiry about Theocentric Psychological Christian Counseling Center. We hope that our Independent Primary Biblical Mental Health / Substance Abuse Care Center will become your primary health care treatment facility.

Theocentric Psychological Christian Counseling Center is interdenominational in character, and maintains a conservative theological position; however most of our clients background are Southern Baptist, Missionary Baptist, Church of Christ, Church of God in Christ, Holiness, Wesleyan, Assembly of God, Catholic, Lutheran, Jehovah's Witness, Presbyterian and Methodist.

Your primary care Christian psychologist is responsible for providing or coordinating your biblical mental health / psychiatric needs. We welcome Christians and Non-Christians. We accept Champus and most insurance for payments. No insurance, no problem. We also have a sliding scale. All providers are affiliated with two of the following: The Christian Associations for Psychological Studies, American Counselors Associations, America Associations of Marriage Family Therapy, National Associations of Christian Counselors, and America Association of Christian Counselors or America Board of Child Mental Health.

I envision the growth of the Theocentric Psychological Christian Counseling Center all over the United States and overseas. Thank you for reading about us and my vision.

May God bless you in your decision,

Dr. Anthony Jerome Johnson, Ph.D.

If you want to write for more information, please enclose $5 (payable to Theocentric Psychological) and mail to the address below:

6501 Arlington Expressway Suite 150-B
Jacksonville, FL 32211

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