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united distributors, inc.Fresh & Friendly® Liquid Laundry
The latest scientific technology is packed into this concentrated formula. A special blend of cleaning agents and surfactants digs out stubborn soil, while antiredepositing agents suspend that soil so it can be rinsed away. Optical brighteners and fabric whiteners make your clothes look like new. Our special all temperature formula contains no phosphates and is biodegradable. Your clothes will smell fresh and clean and look newer longer. Plus, it's safe for delicate fabrics and the environment, too.

united distributors, inc.Fresh & Friendly® Shampoo
This luxurious shampoo is made up of nature's finest ingredients. A special blend of surfactants gently yet firmly cleanses your hair. Aloe vera and a lavish combination of hops and herbs are soothing to a dry scalp. Whole Wheat Protein and dL Panthenol help to mend split ends and soften hair shafts, while Glycerin works to seal in our Fresh Squeezed™ water. Together, this unique combination of ingredients keeps hair soft, moist, and shiny. Repeat use helps to repair abused hair while preventing dulling films from forming. Its light herbal fragrance and attractive violet color will make it a family favorite.

united distributors, inc.Fresh & Friendly® Liquid Hand Soap
This golden liquid soap with a soft almond fragrance is pH balanced and has an antibacterial cleanser to protect the family from germs. Beginning with the gentleness of Fresh Squeezed™ water, we add Allatoin, aloe vera, and herbs to help soothe the skin. Natural ingredients and gentle surfactants provide rich luxurious lather that cleanses the skin. Of course, the soap is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Each 16 oz. bottle is equivalent to about six bars of soap.

united distributors, inc.Fresh & Friendly® Laundry Powder
Our laundry powder actually keeps your clothes looking newer longer, because its clean rinsing formula eliminates discoloring soap buildup. Our laundry powder contains color brighteners and light fragrance, and has a concentrated formula so you can use less than most brands. It works well in any temperature and is made from biodegradable, environmentally sound ingredients. In addition to washing clothes, use Fresh & Friendly™ on walls, windows, and floors throughout the house.

united distributors, inc.

Fresh & Friendly® Liquid Dish Soap
Behind its brilliant green color and soft lemon fragrance, our Fresh & Friendly™ Liquid Dish Soap contains powerful anionic and nonionic surfactants. They create thick suds that are tough on grease and break up food particles to leave your dishes with a practically spotless shine. With Fresh Squeezed™ water as its basic ingredient, our liquid dish soap is formulated to be gentle to your skin, softening your hands every time you wash your dishes.

Fresh & Friendly® Hand & Body Lotion
Developed to combat dry skin in three ways, this exclusive moisturizer offers the entire family a product that protects damaged skin from the environment. First, a mixture of aloe vera, vitamins E, D-3, and Pro-Vitamin B-5 work to nourish, feed, and heal dry skin. Secondly, our blend of Fresh Squeezed™ water, glycerin, and purified Lanolin rehydrates and soaks the skin. Lastly, Cyclomethicone and three different blended esters seal the skin to prevent transepidermal water loss. Continued use helps protect against damage caused by free radicals, plus our special formula helps replace oil and water loss from the skin without leaving a greasy aftereffect.

Fresh & Friendly® Automatic Dish Powder
Formulated to work especially well with processed water, Fresh & Friendly™ Automatic Dish Powder eliminates the need for time consuming pre-washing of dishes. Your dishes, pots, pans, and glasses will come out clean and sparkling.

Fresh & Friendly® Bar Soap
Natural ingredients and glycerin, nature's own skin conditioner, give our Bar Soap its luxurious lather and delightful fragrance. The entire family will enjoy using this gentle and natural soap to clean and soften the skin. Of course, the soap is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Fresh & Friendly® All-Purpose Cleaner
This completely water soluble formula eliminates stubborn stains, dirt and grease on floors, walls, countertops, ovens, driveways, plastic and metal surfaces, toilet bowls, white wall tires just about anywhere in the home. Simply spray it on, then mop up or rinse off. The results are amazing. Feel great about using Fresh & Friendly™ All-Purpose Cleaner. It's environmentally safe!

Hydro Rinse
Helps promote cleaner, more efficient water conditioning resin and brining systems. Installed in your brine tank, the dispenser will automatically feed into your brine solution aiding in the removal of iron and other impurities from the Hydro Quad. Note: Hydro Rinse rinse solution can only be obtained through your local authorized services facility. Our factory trained service technicians can easily upgrade your system. Ask for more details.

united distributors, inc.The Ultra-Micron®
The Ultra-Micron® filtration system combines micron filtration with reverse osmosis and adsorption filtration to produce high quality drinking water for the home. Call for annual filter replacements

united distributors, inc.Water Softening Pellets
For your convenience, adequate inventories are maintained in all our warehouses.

united distributors, inc.Spa 2001
The unique design of the shower Spa 2001 uses a patented Venturi action which increases the flow velocity, while energizing the water. This design provides a full bodied shower, coupled with the optimum in water and energy efficiency.

united distributors, inc.Spraydius 2000
This amazing device easily replaces your existing kitchen sink aerator. At only 2 gpm, it looks, acts and feels like twice as much! Switches from a steady stream to a powerful spray in one easy motion. Increases pressure, conserves water, and rotates a full 360º. But what's best, it creates millions of micro-bubbles to speed up cleaning and make soap more efficient, too.

Customer Service Programs
In our continuing efforts to better serve our customers, we proudly offer the following services.

A) Annual Reverse Osmosis Maintenance: To maintain the highest standard of drinking water, we provide courtesy call reminding you its time to change your filters.

Our factory trained personnel will come to your home:
1) Test the Membrane
2) Sanitize the Entire System
3) Check and Adjust Storage Tank Pressure
4) Change Filters as Required
5) Complete Water Test

B) Salt Delivery and Preventative Maintenance: We have several options tailored to meet the demands of our diverse customer base.

Call the number below to discuss which program would better suit your needs.

Under this program your system is assured of operating at peak performance. Our service department would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Why not call today.

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