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WeatherGuard, Inc. is a locally owned business, hiring skilled, local people and conducting all operations from our office/factory in Ormond Beach. That's important to you, because it means that if you ever have a question or problem with any of your WeatherGuard roll shutters, you can talk to the people who built it.

Benefits of WeatherGuard Shutters Include:
Protection from Storms and Deterrent to Burglary
Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs
Durability with Superior Materials and Craftsmanship
Fingertip Control

"A lot goes into providing a fine product, and service plays a big part. I promise to install roll shutters on your windows and doors with the same care and attention to detail that I used when I did my mom and dad's. And I'll be around if you ever need me." mr. douglas thomas


WeatherGuard, Inc.

305 Division Avenue
Ormond Beach, FL  32174
(904) 677-5533 • (800) 223-6283

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