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Pickering is the first laminate floor to warranty its product against staining, wearing, and fading for life.  Pickering also guarantees their floors against delamination for the life of your floor.

For all its good looks and revolutionary performance, Pergo Original is surprisingly affordable.  Compared to other flooring materials that you might consider, the value multiplies year by year.  With the Pergo system your rooms will have a well-tailored look.

Mannington Laminate Floors are available in a wide array of grains and colors, ranging from the most casual oak for a play room to a rich mahogany for your formal areas.  With such a large selection of colors to choose from, you're sure to find the floor that suits your lifestyle with Mannington Laminate Floors.

Harris-Tarkett laminate flooring looks natural in every room of your house. You can choose any of our twenty designs that give you the look of real hardwood.  Be assured that each room will be warmer and more comfortable than you dreamed possible.

Imagin is available in nineteen wood grains that compliment the most popular furniture and cabinetry styles in North America.  Additional excitement is added to our woods with a romantic floral plank, reminiscent of a classic Victorian design, to add as an accent.

Formica is the only brand guaranteed for fifteen years against water damage.  You can even put it in your bathroom and kitchen.  Our fifteen year warranty covers stains, wear, fading, and manufacturing defects.  It is so tough that it even has a warranty covering commercial use.

Bruce Traffic Zone floors were designed for active families who need a carefree, worry-free floor.  The no-wax finish is so remarkably durable, it resists practically anything and everything a busy household can throw at it.

Allock precision flooring has taken a revolutionary step in the flooring industry.  The step is a patented mechanical locking system that joins the flooring planks without the use of glue.  Very few tools are needed for installation and the results are great even if this is the first time you have laid floors.

Quick step is a top quality laminate floor which offers a lot of benefits.  It installs without glue giving you a perfectly finished floor in no time at all.  Within seconds of laying your Uniclick floor you can walk on it instead of having to wait for glue to set.

Steps laminated flooring is a modern stylish flooring material with numerous advantages and infinite design possibilities.

Harris Tarkett Laminate
Harris Tarkett has been making natural hardwood floors for over 100 years.  No one knows more about real wood than Harris Tarkett.  We have brought all our knowledge and experience to the world of laminate floors to create the most natural looking laminate around.  All have natural and realistic grain and textures.  Cleaner natural colors and more lifelike appearance than any other laminate.

Today consumers are discovering a revolutionary new options in flooring materials.  Now all those little household accidents that could damage most floors such as nail polish, cigarette ash, and high heels are no problem with Witex laminate flooring.  Witex floors are stain and scratch resistant and offer a 10-15 year finish warranty.

Linne’ by Kährs
Linne’ is a real wood laminate unlike other laminates it has a layer of real wood as opposed to a picture.  This gives you a very realistic looking floor.  Linne’ has an acrylic UV urethane finish that resists staining or damage from such things as acetone, bleach, grape juice, coffee and mustard for up to 18 hours.  It comes in a variety of different woods to match anyones tastes and adds beauty to your home.

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